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About Deco Designer School

What is Deco Designer School?

We use Swarovski crystals to decorate items. It is a great way to personalize your store-bought items and give them your individual character and flavor.

We have been offering accredited training courses authorized by Japan Deco Designer Association (JDDA) since 2006. The professional training courses provide students with all the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to work as a professional deco designer. Students successfully completed the course are accredited as Deco Designer from Japan Deco Designer Association.

JAPAN DECO JEWELRY ASSOCIATIONS (JDJA) is a leading Japanese Deco examination board, providing quality qualifications in Swarovski decorations.

Successful completion of the professional course will provide you with the title of "Deco Designer", and the knowledge and techniques needed to produce professional deco items as well as working as a qualified deco instructors.

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